The Magic and Mystery of Joseph Tran – a Los Angeles corporate magician & illusionist without the cheesy props and the sparkly costumes – is one of a kind experience, taking entertainment to a whole new level!  With an understanding of pop culture, theatrics, and the modern audience, Joseph is a popular corporate illusionist, college headliner, high-end private party entertainer and more, in venues across the world.

Why Joseph?

Most magicians and illusionists fall into one of two categories: those who can perform great technical magic but without great entertainment, and those who are great entertainers but perform the same routines you’ve seen countless times elsewhere.  Joseph’s performance is a perfect blend of the two – he is not only regarded as an excellent entertainer among magicians and audiences alike, but is also known as an innovator – constantly rotating in new acts, writing new comedy, and using up-to-the-minute technology to create an increasing number of his own tricks and illusions that excite you and leave you asking for more!

What Keeps Joseph in Such High Demand?

Magic is a referral business, which is why Los Angeles Corporate Magician & Illusionist Joseph Tran performs for A-list celebrities, exclusive parties and events, and some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies in the world!  What’s more, they continue to hire him back – see the testimonials! Whether your event requires a big stage show with all the trimmings, a smaller stand-up show with just a few well-chosen props, or blow-your-mind strolling close-up magic, Joseph’s shows all have one thing in common: excellent entertainment.

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Los Angeles Corporate Magician & Illusionist Joseph Tran!
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