Welcome to the Joseph Tran Booking Bucket!

Hello, and Thank You!

Thank you for booking my show for your campus! It’s my personal goal to not only provide you with an AMAZING show, but also a STRESS-FREE experience from start to finish.

Consequently, I’ve created this one-of-a-kind “Booking Bucket” — a checklist of all the technical stuff I know you’ll need (and eventually have to hunt down).

What else can I do to make your job easier? Please don’t be shy to let me know — my team and I will tend to it right away. Because we’re amazing and so are you!

~ Joseph


Onto the Materials!

“Dear Prospective Buyer: Be prepared… Joseph Tran is one of the best people you’ll ever work with, on and off stage!”



I’d love to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and brainstorm ideas for your event! Best way to reach me is via the button below. Your message will go right to my screen if I’m at my desk, to my phone if I’m traveling, and by carrier pigeon if I have no signal.

call or text 0554-147(323)

direct e-mail [email protected]

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