i’m hosting your trivia night!

Wuddup, Embry Riddle Prescott! I’m coming back to your campus and hosting your trivia night!

That’s right — no boring trivia host for you. Only fun and awesomeness. There will be ALL NEW magic, trivia, and surprises!

So whether it will be your first time or you’ve seen me before, come join me, relax, laugh, and maybe win some stuff. Deets below.

– Joseph

when & where?

11/6, 8:00pm Pacific

via this secret link…

Link TBD

Link will be updated 24 hours before the event.

the games

You’ll need two screens…

You’ll need a screen to watch the broadcast, and your phone/tablet/a 2nd tab to play the games.

So, your phone to play the game and a separate computer to connect to the show (so you can watch, play, AND chat) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


can i invite friends?

Sure thing, please do! Just make sure they’re from the same campus as you.

And make sure they’re not a-holes.


i’m ready to watch & play!

Awesome. Click the link below when you’re ready. Don’t be late! 

11/6, 8:00pm Pacific

via this secret link…

Link TBD

The Mental Break Trivia Night

ERAU Prescott Edition