Schools closed for the rest of the semester, hours of online learning, and no one to talk to but your parents. In short… this is about to be the longest few months of our lives. 


As we grapple with our new normal, our human needs remain the same: we need community, mental and physical activity, and something to keep our spirits up. But how do we achieve all of this when we aren’t even supposed to leave our homes?

creating campus community… online

No one is better at creating community than students; all they need is someone to show them the way! Let me be your guide in making memories your entire student body can share, even if they’re flung across the country.

I’m combining my signature magic with my TV/FILM experience to bring you virtual shows LIVE from my new studio (aka, a former guest room in my home), created from the ground up!

These will be LIVE events, customized for your student body. Interact with me during the show! Ask questions – we’re all in this together, even if we have to be physically apart.


Fun, Interactive Games & Prizes for Students to Enjoy & Unwind

From your favorite comedy magician, speaker, and two-time magician of the year comes a fun, ‘customized-to-your-campus’ virtual game show. Designed specifically for a livestream audience with enticing prizes, this show is a sure-fire hit with your quarantined, sitting-at-home, give-me-something-to-do student body!

This show combines the fast paced fun of HQ Trivia, the popularity of Twitch, and incorporates some of my signature magic. When students join the party, I will entertain and set the tone with amazing sleight-of-hand — some of which aren’t even seen in my college shows. Following the magic, students will become the contestants in several game shows designed to make them feel connected, build a sense of community, and have a ton of fun! And it will all be tailored to your school, including questions about your campus, student life, and more!

Did we mention prizes? There will be prizes sent to the cleverest, the funniest, and the most knowledgeable of your students! It’s a full length program that will leave you asking yourselves… “Are you smarter than a zoombomber?”

i’vE Got You Covered


create successes

  • Give students something to look forward to
  • Build up the community and help students feel less isolated
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Create a structured study-break
  • Make positive shared memories for the students in uncertain times

avoid failures

  • Student burnout from lack of activity or stimulation
  • Anxiety and depression from isolation
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Waste your precious budget

register for a free, live demo

Join me for a free, no obligation livestream where I explain in detail what’s in my show, show you my setup and answer any questions, and overall make you feel 100% informed and confident that this presentation is right for your campus. I will:

  • explain what the show is about
  • demonstrate a section of the show
  • explain why your students will tune in
  • give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at my set up
  • answer all your questions 

Available Timeslots:

I’m booked all of this week!

Online demos will resume the week of 4/27. In the meantime, send me a message.


W&B&Q is a brand new show designed specifically for the COVID-19 crisis.

All the issues we’re dealing with now, I’ve already dealt with in my career as a magician. I’m talking about the isolation, the fears about money, not knowing what my situation would be in a few weeks or a few months…

…and I have coping mechanisms that ANYONE can learn and benefit from.

This show is one part entertainment, one part learning program.

First, I’ll bust your stress by making you gasp and laugh at my magic and comedy. I’ll even show you magic that I would never be able to bring to your campus, including my animals, large illusions and even an assistant or two.

Next, I’ll talk to you about my experiences as a student and how they relate to what we’re dealing with now, and teach you some strategies and techniques to get you through your tough days. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of magic in this part, too. 

Again, this will be a LIVE event — no pre-recorded shows — customized for your student body. Interact with me during the show! Ask questions – we’re all in this together, even if we have to be physically apart.

BONUS offers


To make this accessible to as many students as possible, I’m offering a MASSIVE discount on this livestreamed show.

And, because this show is so different from my touring shows, I’ll discount any show on your campus next semester. I still want to perform for you in person when things normalize.


Following the main presentation, students will receive info on how to participate in regular livestreams. This will include additional exercises on how to cope with stress, more magic, behind-the-scenes looks on magic development, magic teach-ins, interactive activities, anything to keep us going during this time!

And I’ll do it until this whole quarantine thing is over!

What are you waiting for?

let’s make boring disappear today!

my credentials


  • Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre and Multimedia Production with a minor in Sociology – California State University, Northridge
  • Graduate of the Academy of Magical Arts’ Young Magicians Program
  • Graduate and board member of the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory


  • 20 years of international experience headlining at theatres, cruise ships, corporate events, and colleges & universities all over the world, on 4 of 7 continents
  • Regular headliner at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood
  • Guest lecturer – Improvisation – California State University, Northridge, CA
  • Guest lecturer – Showmanship for the Camera – California State University, Northridge, CA
  • Guest lecturer – The Science of Illusion – College of the Canyons, CA
  • Guest lecturer – Entertainment Industry Institute, CBS Studios
  • Guest lecturer – The Business Minded Actor, SAG-AFTRA Conservatory
  • Motivational speaker – WOKE & BROKE™, Lifehacks for the Next Generation, currently touring at
    colleges across the country
  • Keynote speaker – HOCUS FOCUS YOUR FOCUS™, How Thinking Like a Magician Can Change
    Your Life, currently touring at corporate events across the country
  • Technical consultant – SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, American Film Institute
  • Magic consultant for TV/Film, including for CBS, BuzzFeed, NBC, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and more

the “make boring disappear” promise

I promise to make your concerns disappear…

… by providing clear-cut, stress-free options for magic shows, speaking programs, and magic consultation, be an easy-to-work-with, anti-boring, anti-cheesy entertainer, and make your event a grand slam!


  • Gather your info — where it will take place, time, who or what the party is for
  • Send us an e-mail with your info and allow us to create a customized plan
  • Let’s execute the plan together
  • We take the stress work out of your hands so you can enjoy the event!
If you have any questions, are not sure who to contact, or just want to know the answers to last week’s English midterm, the best way to reach me is via the red button below. Your message will go right to my screen if I’m at my desk, to my phone if I’m traveling, and by carrier pigeon if I have no signal.

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call or text
0554-147 (323)

direct e-mail

For all NACA and APCA related activities, Joseph is represented by Rick Nikodem of RK Entertainment.
0859-182 (513)
For general college shows, AASA, VSA, and other student organizations, Joseph is represented by Romi Lee of Joseph Tran Productions.
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College Magician & Comedian Joseph Tran

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