M-State’s show!

Hello, MState students! I’m doing a virtual show just for you! It will be filled with magic, trivia, virtual games, and prizes!!

So come join me, relax, laugh, and maybe win a prize. Deets below.

– Joseph

when & where?

8:00pm CST

via this link…


A Twitch account is optional.

the games

You’ll need two screens…

You’ll need a screen to watch the broadcast, and your phone/tablet/a 2nd tab to play the games.

So, your phone to play the game and a separate computer to connect to the show (so you can watch, play, AND chat) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


can i invite friends?

Sure thing, please do! Just make sure they’re from the same campus as you.

And make sure they’re not a-holes.


i’m ready to watch & play!

Awesome. Click the link below when you’re ready. Don’t be late! 

8:00pm CST

via this link…


The Win Stuff from Home Virtual Game Show

MState Edition