Aaand we’re finally live!

Hello, folks and thank you for visiting the relaunch of!  This website overhaul was ridiculously overdue; but it’s finally here, and I’m very proud of the results!

For the past few years, I’ve been creating, rehearsing, and performing a lot of new magic.  I’ve been producing new shows and headlining in new venues.  I tripled my travel schedule and went on new adventures!  Consequently, just as my magic evolves, my website had to evolve as well.

Out With the Old

This entire site was built ‘in-house’ – it took several of my crew members and me over a year to design and build the layout, and compile the massive amount of content within its pages.  Every sentence came from actual notes, napkins, and journals.  Every photo and video accumulated from actual shows and excursions.  Furthermore, most of the work wasn’t created in the office.  Most of the work was created while we were away from our friends and family, while we were traveling to all corners of the world, on bus trips, train rides, international flights, red-eye flights, stopovers, layovers, and pretty much wherever inspiration and opportunity struck!

(Thank you to all the coffee shops out there who provided us with much needed internet!)

What’s New? is, arguably, one of the most comprehensive sites ever created for a variety entertainer.  With new magic and new shows come updated descriptions and more information than ever on the sheer range of my craft.  We’re introducing new cast members, and reintroducing familiar faces.  Current and future clients have access to all new promotional videos, hi-res photos, and technical media to assist them in selecting the perfect magic for their event, promoting the event, and producing the event.

Finally, this new site reaches out to a group that my previous sites have not accommodated before… the fans.

Over the years, many of you who have seen me perform live have found me on the ‘cloud’.  You’ve commented on my walls, retweeted my random posts, and uploaded photos we’ve taken together.  You’ve read the fliers and showed up en masse to all my performances, from colleges to comedy clubs.  I truly thank you for all that, and large portions of my site will be just for you! We’ve tied all my social networks together here, and will provide updates on my upcoming appearances.  We’ll be making blog posts and creating videos specifically for you.  While Romi, my production manager, updates the blog with news & events, I will be posting in my personal section of the blog, aptly titled, “Joseph’s Corner”.   And until my list of fans, followers, and Facebook friends grows to a million, I’ll do my best to communicate with each and every one of you!

In With the New

I originally expected to throw some kind of relaunch party in Los Angeles, but I guess my current situation fittingly illustrates the need for this new website.  I’m currently traveling to about five different cities every week, and… well… I guess a ‘virtual celebration’ will have to suffice for now.

We’ll be adding more content soon, so check back for updates, subscribe to all my social networks, and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!  Come revel in my shameless self-promotion!  Until my next post, my thanks to all of you who will read this.  For without you, there truly is no magic.

Ok, go get started!

~ Joseph