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When you hire me, you are getting a 2-for-1 — an award-winning magician and an award-winning entertainer who can delight any crowd in any venue. I understand the need for sure-fire entertainment, especially with today’s stressed out workforce. From close-up sleight-of-hand to grand-scale illusions, each show is customized and 100% guaranteed to WOW your crowd!

From the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, to the seven seas, to the private parties of royalty, I have headlined and entertained for tens of thousands of people.

When not performing magic, I am a magic consultant for TV/Film. You’ve seen my work performed by some of your favorite celebrities on CBS, NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.

My clients include celebrities & dignitaries, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges & universities all over the world, and I perform well over 200 shows a year.

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at a glance

  • $5,000 $4,000 all inclusive
      • Mingling close-up magic as an icebreaker
      • Main show with magic, mind-reading, (clean) comedy, and audience participation
      • (includes friends & family discount)

    mingling close-up magic

    I will mingle with your guests and show them feats of magic that literally happen right in front of their eyes and even in their hands! More importantly, we I can warm up the room, interact with the shy wallflowers, and get everyone involved. Think of me as more than an awesome magician. Think of me as your professional socializer.

    Your audience will have a blast as Joseph tailors his award-winning close-up magic for your atmosphere. He’ll leave strangers as new friends, new friends as old friends, and everyone talking about the incredible moment they just experienced.

    You’ll gasp together and laugh together… AND remember… you don’t have to worry about being the butt of any jokes. All your guests are treated with respect. We’re professionals, and so are you.

    $1 bills will turn into $100 dollar bills, borrowed objects magically switch places between two spectators’ hands, spectator thoughts are plucked from their minds… and it all happens inches from everyone’s eyes.

    A command performance of magic & mind-reading

    My scalable one-man show is perfect for an audience of 10 or 1000. You’ll enjoy world class sleight-of-hand, mind-reading, and comedy performed by an engaging, experienced, world-class entertainer! No special lighting, heavy staging, or elaborate equipment is required. It’s easy and stress-free! You supply the audience, and I’ll supply the rest.


    As a bonus, you, the Bride & Groom, will join me for one very special piece of magic that we will perform together for your guests! It’s clean, heartfelt, and will leave your guests’ jaws on the floor!

    Joseph’s stage shows are tailored for a smart, sophisticated audience who expect more than just a few magic tricks. And every show is customized to fit any venue — private restaurant banquet rooms, hospitality suites, hotel ballrooms, private yachts — the sky’s the limit!

    People will remember this show well after the event is over, because they are a large part of the show! With a ton pf audience participation in every show, Joseph sets the perfect stage for everyone laughing together… but never at each other.

    Joseph understands you’ve seen it all on your Facebook feed, but he’ll have some new surprises… he’ll perform sleight-of-hand and you won’t even know it, impossible predictions will come true, and dangerous feats will be perfectly executed. Joseph performs shows derived from a lifetime of experience, and your audience will remember it for years to come!

    “Joseph’s close-up magic and stage show were a HUGE success, and he helped to make our annual conference the best one yet!”


    the “make boring disappear” promise

    I promise to make your concerns disappear…
    … by providing clear-cut, stress-free options for magic shows, speaking programs, and magic consultation, be an easy-to-work-with, anti-boring, anti-cheesy entertainer, and make your event a grand slam!


    • Gather your info — where it will take place, time, who or what the party is for
    • Send us an e-mail with your info and allow us to create a customized plan
    • Let’s execute the plan together
    • We take the stress work out of your hands so you can enjoy the event!

    I'd love to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and brainstorm ideas for your event!

    Best way to reach me is via the button below. Your message will go right to my screen if I’m at my desk, to my phone if I’m traveling, and by carrier pigeon if I have no signal.

    call or text: 0554-147 (323)

    direct e-mail: [email protected]

    Please have the following info if contacting directly.
    It will help make the booking process as streamlined as possible:

    date, time, and location
    estimated # of people in attendance
    estimated budget, if any

    Milo Segal

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