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“In addition to his technical skills, Joseph simply has a wonderful persona on stage, and that’s the best compliment I can give to any magician.”

Jack Goldfinger

Director of Entertainment, The Academy of Magical Arts

magic is trending again

With his disarming demeanor, clever wordplay and energetic vibe, Joseph Tran resurrects the tradition of the variety entertainer and brings it into the 21st century. Befitting a headliner in the Entertainment City of the world, Joseph’s approach to his craft includes high-energy performance, combined with powerful magic, quick-witted humor, and personal audience connection.

As an illusionist and comedian trained in theatre and improvisation, Joseph’s fun and mischievous style brings a fresh, innovative quality to his craft. A master of both close-up sleight-of-hand magic and modern day stage illusions, Joseph headlines and entertains audiences all over the world.

Holding dual residencies in Los Angeles, California and Tampa, Florida to facilitate his touring schedule, Joseph’s resume includes performances for well-known Fortune 500 companies, in feature film, live television, and major concerts. Joseph’s unique approach to entertainment, combined with an extensive resume, makes him the perfect choice for even the most discerning audiences.

At a glance...

Joseph Tran

Nickname: Data, Shortround
Hometown: Hollywood, California
Current Cities: Los Angeles, CA, and Tampa, FL
Background: Graduate of Theatre and Multimedia Production
Interesting Facts: Can play guitar, enjoys cooking, traveling, motorsports, and is currently the undefeated Tetris champion amongst the crew.

Joseph Tran Bio Headshot

a not-so-ordinary start for a budding Vietnamese magician

Born in Hollywood, California to Ballroom dance teaching, Vietnamese-immigrant parents, Joseph’s upbringing remained entirely normal – that is, for a Hollywood-born Vietnamese magician with Ballroom dance teaching, immigrant parents.  As a kid with nothing more than an old deck of cards and a free library book, Joseph sought to be the best ten-year-old magician in his neighborhood (technically, the only ten-year-old magician in his neighborhood).  From his parents’ influence, Joseph also enjoyed watching old Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley movies, all of which would become the spark for his study of theater and film, and create his path to becoming one of modern day’s most recognized and in-demand Asian-Americian corporate entertainers.

Today, Joseph is heralded by Vietnamese communities across the United States as the country’s leading Vietnamese magician, and an inspiration to other aspiring Vietnamese magicians across the world.


the joseph tran difference: beyond magic

While in high school, Joseph earned membership into the prestigious Magic Castle Jr. Magician Program, and had the privilege to study with some of the finest Magic Castle magicians of the 20th century.  At the secretively exclusive mansion, Joseph ‘inherited’ the art of classical magic and learned to blend it with his own persona.  He eventually became a favorite Magic Castle magician in his own right, earning the Magic Castle’s Young Magicians Achievement Award – the highest honor bestowed upon a young conjurer.

By college, Joseph realized that he could use magic to mimic the heroes that he admired in the old black & white movies (and to meet girls).  Shortly after selecting Acting as his primary focus, Joseph landed a Hollywood agent and began his acting career. All the while, Joseph toured the United States, honing his magic craft to pay for his college tuition.

Balancing between his “live-on-stage” and “quiet-on-the-set” professions, Joseph soon became a graduate of Theatre and Multimedia Production with a minor in Psychology — all disciplines which heavily influenced his developing magic career.  Beyond the magic, Joseph’s academic background provided him the intimate knowledge of showmanship, improvisation, and the psychology of entertainment.  It is from this background outside of magic that became a decisive factor in giving Joseph’s magic its unique look and feel.


yesterday, a hobby… today, a career

“If I wasn’t an actor, I’d probably be a [Disney] Imagineer.”

Following his degree, Joseph continued to develop and evolve his magic while working as a television and film actor, and production specialist for several high-profile movie studios.  With a fondness for his heroes in the old black and white movies, Joseph sought to combine the classy, old-school underground sleight-of-hand magic with contemporary pop-culture to bring the ‘cool-factor’ back to the art.

Today, Joseph travels all across the world, dazzling audiences with his signature blend of comedy and never-before-seen illusions.  By combining that with his fresh yet classy look, audiences are guaranteed an unforgettable experience of entertainment!

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