You need a break from just staring at your computer screens…

As we grapple with our new normal, our human needs remain the same…

More than ever, we need to feel a sense of community, a mental break from our daily work lives, and something to keep our spirits up. But how do we achieve all of this when we aren’t even supposed to leave our homes?

I’m combining my signature magic with my TV/FILM experience to bring you virtual, interactive magic & game shows, theatrical performances, and Zoom magic shows, created from the ground up, LIVE from my studio!

Let me be your guide in putting together a show that will boost morale, let your working professionals know they’re appreciated, and help your student body build community from screen to screen. Let’s create memories that we can all share, even if we’re all flung across the country.

i’vE Got You Covered


create successes

  • Boost morale, keep co-workers & students happy and motivated
  • Create a virtual meeting that’s not work or class related
  • Attend a presentation that’s not just a show, but an interactive show
  • Reduce stress & anxiety with an entertainer who understands the virtual medium

avoid failures

  • Ending up with a performer with low-quality audio & video capabilities
  • Ending up with a cheesy act who doesn’t understand the crowd
  • Employees and/or students get burned out from the stress of quarantine & work
  • Waste your precious budget!

Not just virtual magic shows…
interactive virtual shows

My virtual magic shows are not copies of my in-person performances, but shows filled with magic and games specifically written and created for the virtual medium.

When I started to write and create virtual magic shows, I focused on creating presentations that got people involved. Professionals attend virtual meetings all day, students’ lectures are all online now, and everyone at home can just search YouTube for great magic clips. 

I’ll say it again. You need a break from just staring at your computer screen.


The Mental Break Virtual Show is designed for any professional organization with work-from-home employees. 2020 has expanded our collective knowledge of the drawbacks of working from home, including isolation, depression, listlessness, reduced productivity, and excessive mental strain. Summed up, many people working from home suffer from burnout. This show is designed to combat those symptoms and help your workforce quickly regain mental balance, connect with colleagues from afar, and boost morale.


My VIRTUAL COLLEGE SHOWS combine the fast paced fun of HQ Trivia, the popularity of Twitch, and incorporate some of my signature magic. When students join the party, I will entertain and set the tone with amazing sleight-of-hand — some of which aren’t even seen in my college shows. Following the magic, students will become the contestants in several game shows designed to make them feel connected, build a sense of community, and have a ton of fun! For more info on my virtual college shows, check out the VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING section of my College Shows page.


My PRIVATE VIRTUAL MAGIC SHOWS, or Zoom Magic Shows as they are popularly called, are very different than watching clips on YouTube — they are centered around YOU! I will show you magic that you need to be a part of… magic that won’t just happen on my side of the screen, but also on yours! Many believed it was impossible to put on a fantastic virtual magic show… let’s prove them wrong!

Contact me for more info on my Zoom magic shows, and sign up for a free preview today!

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Talk is cheap! Join me in one of the many free virtual shows I’m doing to spread joy and good cheer; or schedule a private virtual meeting so I can show you, first-hand, how I can create a customized show for you and MAKE BORING DISAPPEAR! 


I’d love to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and brainstorm ideas for your event!

Best way to reach me is via the button below. Your message will go right to my screen if I’m at my desk, to my phone if I’m traveling, and by carrier pigeon if I have no signal.

call or text: 0554-147 (323)

direct e-mail: moc.narthpesoj@olleh

Please have the following info if contacting directly.
It will help make the booking process as streamlined as possible:

date, time, and location
estimated # of people in attendance
estimated budget, if any

Joseph Tran – Virtual Magic Shows

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