College Magician & Comedian Joseph Tran

"I HATE magicians... but Joseph Tran made me enjoy magic!"

Erica LeBlanc, CAB President, Suffolk University

College Magician & Comedian Joseph Tran

"I HATE magicians... but Joseph Tran made me enjoy magic!"

Erica LeBlanc, CAB President, Suffolk University

college magician joseph tran: mind. BLOWN.

Hello, stressed-out students! Yes, I too went to college… and STILL ended up becoming a college magician. Sorry, mom and dad. That said, I had such a great time in college (and learned some stuff, I guess) that college audiences are my favorite. They’re also the most challenging. With all the smart devices and endless things to do on campus, holding an audience’s attention is no small skill!

My college magic show is designed for today’s young adults: it’ll give you lots of feels, lols, and wtfs. And it’s totally ‘grammable and ‘chattable…

… IF you can tear your eyes away from the insane stuff I’m doing to look at your phone.


“Joseph was a HIT at CSUN’s 50th anniversary celebration!”

Jolene Koester - President, California State University, Northridge

tl;dr. np. here’s video:

what’s in the box?

My college magic show is largely based on my own experiences as a college magician and student.

Like you, I get bored easily, and I can’t stand being stagnant. I’m always developing new ideas and new magic for my show. My comedy is a result of hours of time onstage at comedy clubs. That’s why my magic is 100% preservative/gluten/hack/brooding/unfunny-free and just what you need to inject some life into your day.

I’m a comedy magician. I use those words carefully… they are as overused by college magicians as the words, “awe-inspiring”, or “game changer”, or “the restraining order’s been lifted, honest”.

And your audience will experience it all…

• lots of audience participation
• comedy that is suggestive BUT clean, current and “on point”
• do-not-try-this-at-home stunts
• tricks that happen right in your phone involving your favorite social media apps
• good music!
• stories from my college days, including experiences as an actor and stuntman.*
*hint: I have an authentic Power Ranger costume…and I’ll prove it.
• 100% inclusive and positive: there is no marginalization in my show


“Thank You so much for the great show here at SFA! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”

Stephen F. Austin State University Student Activities Association

are you the right college magician for MY campus?

How will you get here?

This show is designed to travel so I can perform:

  • in virtually any space, from the campus green to the biggest auditorium
  • for any event, from Parents’ Weekend to Rush Week to Finals Week
  • at any college or university, no matter how remote!

Will anyone be offended by your comedy?

My college magic show that may be suggestive at times, but never overtly sexual, profane, or condescending. I’ve gone to great lengths to push the edge but never cross the boundary. As I mentioned earlier, my show is 100% inclusive and positive: there is no marginalization in my show.

is your show right for my HIGH SCHOOL?

Definitely! I know this site leans more towards the college magic show, but that’s so I don’t confuse Google. But this show is definitely a great fit for high school grad nights, senior breakfasts, school celebrations - sky’s the limit!

For administrators:
I understand that you may be concerned that my show will be too edgy for your campus. Don’t worry… my high school show is tamer than my college show, and I’ve taken great care to ensure that my material is appropriate for any kind of event on your campus.

For high school students:
You’re young adults, you don’t want some lame kids birthday party magician, and you don’t want a tame show that your administrators have deemed “suitable”. It’s not that kind of a show. It has the same mind blowing magic as my college shows, just minus some college appropriate material.

straight from the audience…

@josephtran is seriously the funniest magician I have ever seen! #cokercollege #aaasian

via Twitter – @cbabyy1

That was some crazy s–t! You should definitely come back!!

via Facebook – George N., Cal State Northridge

best college magician ever at iowaaa@josephtran #aaasian

via Twitter – @gianna_marzano3, University of Iowa

It was amazingly ! to have you at . Mind… BLOWN!!!

via Twitter – @UpstateStuLife, USC Upstate

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show! You have an amazing talent and great charisma! I hope to be able to see you again!

via Facebook – Elizabeth M., Adelphi University

@josephtran you were freaking awesome! come back to LHU again!!! #aaasian!

via Twitter – @blw8175 Lockhaven University

Gonna go see some more comedians at Ferris but none will compare to @josephtran#BestComedianEver

via Twitter – @SpencerWhitmore, Ferris State University

Joseph Tran has a cute butt.

via Facebook - Alexandra W., Scripps College

literally cannot believe what I just saw… amazing show! @josephtran is one f—‘n crazy #aaasian #loyolachicago

via Twitter – @marytweetsalot

Thanks for coming to Georgia Southern University, loved your show, it was brilliant!

via Facebook – Lyndsey S., Georgia Southern University

MINDBLOWN BY 😳😁😂 awesome magician and comedian!

via Twitter – @Jenni_Martinni, Texas Tech


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For all NACA and APCA related activities, Joseph is represented by Rick Nikodem of RK Entertainment.
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For general college shows, AASA, VSA, and other student organizations, Joseph is represented by Romi Lee of Joseph Tran Productions.
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College Magician & Comedian Joseph Tran

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