joseph tran

magician • comedian
game show host

NACA Demo Game Link

NACA iso: $3,200, 2 of 3: $2,950, 3 of 5: $2,750, 5 of 7: $2,500
plus sound, lights, hotel, meal, travel

How to Host Your Own Game Show

Why Joseph Tran?

When you need someone who will be a sure-fire hit, who will go above and beyond his entertainer title to help you get butts into seats, and who will give you 110% of his high-energy, ever evolving, crafty self!


My always evolving comedy magic and mind-reading show is specifically created for the ‘seen-it-all-on-TikTok’ crowd! Your students will snort-laugh AND they’ll get their minds blown!

game show host

I have game shows for every event and season, and it’s all tired together by my realization that I can be as crazy as I want as a game show host! Plus, I love games and technology!


A good emcee knows how to get the audience revved up, roll with the punches and vamp when things to off-plan, and when to take the spotlight versus step back from the spotlight and let others shine. Let me take the weight off of your shoulders and bring a new, awesome energy to your event!