Gettysburg Speaking program

Hello, Gettysburg students! I’m doing an exclusive virtual speaking event just for you! Here’s the lowdown:

Students today face unprecedented struggles. How are you supposed to keep your mental health, figure out who you are and how to get what you want when the world is so uncertain?

As a magician, magic consultant & actor for TV/film/video games, and former stuntman, Joseph Tran has a unique solution to these problems. He’ll share his experiences as a first-generation college student, how he dealt with identity issues, and how he fought against a world that constantly told him NO because of his race.

Hear some real talk, learn some life-hacks, and develop a resilient mindset while fostering better habits and eliminating negative ones in, “WOKE AND BROKE – HOW TO THRIVE IN A WORLD THAT’S NOT BUILT FOR YOU”.

Both a learning program as well as an entertainment program, WOKE & BROKE™ is a unique show filled with OMG sleight-of-hand, WTF mind-reading, and LOL stand-up comedy – elements that are familiar and relatable to a college community – but it’s all tied together with a bit of older-brother-style advice on navigating the ups and downs of young adulthood today.

when & where?

7:00pm Eastern

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passcode: 719537

Coming up later this month:

I’ll be doing my HALLOWEEN Magic & Games special on October 30th at 7:30pm! Mark your calendars, check Gettysburg’s CAB page, and stay tuned!

7:30pm Eastern

via this secret link…

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WOKE & BROKE – How to Thrive in a World That’s not Built for You

Gettysburg Edition