Hiyas. If you’re visiting this site, it means that either 1. you’ve seen me perform live somewhere, 2. you found one of my #aaasian memes, videos, risque photos on the internet, and/or 3. you are a friend or relative who I begged to give this site a look to raise my Google rankings.

In any case, welcome and thanks for stopping by! This site is special. It’s different from my “official” business site. I made this site for my fans. I pretty much run this site myself, so the code is probably really awful… but whatevs, it’s part of the charm.

So enjoy all the random stuff here, gimme a buzz on one of them social thingys sometime, and keep in touch!

~ Joseph

This is my web series. It’s pretty silly.

Reasons Not to Date a Magican

A series of romantic disasters… with magic.



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